Save Debar Pond


Help protect public access and keep Debar Pond wild

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Help Stop Constitutional Amendment to Privatize Debar Pond and Curtail Public Access. Help Keep Debar Pond Wild and Beautiful.


Please sign this petition to help keep Debar Pond wild and beautiful. This petition opposes efforts to privatize 6 acres or more of lands around the dilapidated Debar Lodge to create and exclusive private inholding in the Forest Preserve. This amendment will create a private enclave where the public can stay for a fee. This amendment will remove the best lands on the north shore long used for swimming, canoeing, or picnicking, and will sharply curtail public use.

The proposal to amend Article 14, Section 1, of the New York Constitution to convey these lands to a private institute is objectionable for a number of reasons. One of the primary reasons is that there is a far greater need in our world for more places where the public can have wild experiences on an otherwise undeveloped lake than there is for more retreat centers for paying guests of private institutes. The proposed “Debar” constitutional amendment is a bad deal for public recreation, for wild places, and for the forever wild Forest Preserve. Significant public funds will be sought to restore these buildings that will cost millions. Those trying to save Debar Lodge have no viable business plan.

Help save Debar Pond and keep this wonderful pond wild and beautiful.